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About Me!

Hello everyone, and thanks for finding your way to my blog. This blog is originally designed for a module as part of my Masters in Consumer Psychology with Business. I thought I would talk mainly about how irrational we can be, in the work place, in our goals in life, and in our buying habits. The idea came partly from Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational, as i found it a very interesting read, but thats not the sole reason. When it comes to irrationality in our shopping habits there is a wealth of literature, we have people such as Paco Underhill and Philip Graves talking about the importance of observations in the correct environment, and asking the right questions to find out what is really going on. Simply asking somebody to explain their actions often doesn’t give a true account of what just happened. Martin Lindstrom is at the forefront of Sensory branding, which helps explain why we often find ourselves wandering to the bread isle in the supermarket even though we had no intention to. These are just some of the people that have got me interested in this subject, and i hope you enjoy my input as much as i enjoyed theirs.

Simon Thorne

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