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October 14, 2011 / Simon Thorne

The True Cost of Free

What is this mystical thing, Free? Why does it have such an impact on us, and why are we being irrational by succumbing to it? You may ask yourself, how can you be losing out if it’s free?

Do we really need 3 shampoos right now just to get 1 of them free? Although we may think were getting a good deal here, what we have just done is pay more than we intended. Also by now having 3 shampoos’ ready and waiting for us, why not use a little more than if you just had the one? Besides the BOGOF (Buy one get one free) offers we see regularly, there is something much more going on here.

Some of you will of heard of the Consumer Decision Making Process in some form or another below is a vague outline.

Basic consumer decision making process, somewhat oddly "consumption" is not included.

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October 4, 2011 / Simon Thorne

Anyone got a light? – The effectiveness of anti-smoking advertising

Welcome to the first blog of the year! Lets jump in with a subject thats very dear to my heart (literally) and talk about smoking.

We’ve all seen them, the rotting teeth, the black lungs, and on the TV the dripping globules of fat from the end of a cigarette. Effective?

Most people would say these images would put people off smoking, smokers included (I bet you can name that brand too, but that’s another story…). So why do people carry on smoking? Look at these images, they aren’t what could/might/maybe happen to you, they show what is happening to you with every single cigarette.

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September 30, 2011 / Simon Thorne

An insight into the Irrational Consumer!

Hello everyone! I thought the best way of getting a grip of this whole blogging business would be to jump straight in and tell you all a little about what I will be talking about here.

First a little about me, Hi, I’m Simon Thorne, a masters student in Consumer Psychology with business. I was reading Dan Ariely’s “Predictably Irrational” the other day, when my girlfriend turned to me and said “Huh, Predictably Irrational, that is the perfect way to describe you!” Well as it turns out, it describes all of us fairly well. We are all irrational when it comes to buying, sure we may rationalise our actions because who wants to admit to not knowing what the hell is going on, but on the whole we allow ourselves to be manipulated every day into making decisions that aren’t in our best interest.

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